How To Properly Punch Your Computer

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Everyone knows that the best way to fix a computer problem is to punch your computer. Either that, or clicking on a pop up window that says "FREE SPYWARE REMOVAL!" and clicking yes to everything that's displayed on the screen. However, not all people are smart enough to properly punch their systems. To that end I have developed this exhaustive guide that will step you through this intricate process.

What should I punch?

After conducting a butt load of tests, we here at Tech Headaches have decided that punching your monitor would be hilarious. Not my monitor, but yours. It's best if it's an LCD monitor, like this:

What Happens if I Screw Stuff Up More?

Some people find that punching their monitor dosen't help. These people are idiots. Sometimes these people are so stupid that the monitor punches them back:

What About This Guy?

If punching your system dosen't work, I recommend punching him repeatedly. Make sure to put back on any rings or brass knuckles you may have taken off when hitting your monitor.

I Followed Your Directions & Now My Computers Broken!!!

YOU STUPID ASS! YOU OBVIOUSLY DID NOT PUNCH YOUR SYSTEM HARD ENOUGH. KEEP PUNCHING IT, IT WILL FIX IT OVER TIME! Decades of research have proven without a doubt that punching your computer, kicking your car, and punching the wall will fix just about anything. Just look at ninjas!

Is There Ever a Time I Should Punch My Computer Case?

Yes. I recommend hitting your computer chasis every couple of secends. If you've got one of them there fancy ass plexi glass covers, punching through it may yield extensive performance gains!!!

For those of you with a laptop, just smash it on the ground. Trust me, you'll be much happier afterwords.

Insert abrupt ending here.



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