Ubuntu 6.06 Won't Install: CD-ROM Couldn't Be Mounted?

I've been a big Ubuntu fan. Everytime someone asks me what Linux distro to go with, I always recommend it. However Ubuntu will not install for me. At all. When I boot off the installation disk it boots just fine. I got up to the point where it's suppossed to detect and mount the cdrom drive, and it freaks out. It says "Your installation cd-rom couldn't be mounted. This probably means that the cd-rom was not in the drive." The first thing I thought was that perhaps the ISO I downloaded was corrupt, so I immediately downloaded another one and burned it a low rate. Same problem. Next I looked on the net and found that a lot of people have had the same issue with Ubuntu. Some of them found this boot option worked for them: Linux ide=nodma but this had no effect for me.

The next logical step was to try using a different CD-ROM drive, so I pulled out an old drive I had laying around and had the exact same problem. At this point it was obviously an issue with my motherboard/IDE setup, so I went into the BIOS to see if I could find any settings relating to that. Unfortunately I could not. This is pretty much where I said forget it, and downloaded Debian and installed it without an issue. I guess I could of downloaded Ubuntu onto my other computer and installed through it through the network, but at that point Debian sounded much better than an OS that couldn't even use my DVD-RW/CD-R drive to install itself. I guess I'm done recommended Ubuntu.



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