Barry 0.7 in KDE 3.5.1 on FreeBSD 6.1

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Some people have problems getting Barry to work after installing it from the ports collection of FreeBSD. The error message that Barry produces says:

  • The directory /usr/ports seems to be invalid, failed to locate the port database.

    Please make sure that you installed the 'ports' distribution and that the directory /usr/ports was mounted properly, if necessary.

    Also, make sure that the file /usr/ports/INDEX.db exists; if it doesn't, run portsdb -u as root to generate it.

That is because by default, FreeBSD stores it as /usr/ports/INDEX-6.db even when you run portsdb -u
If you do not have an INDEX-6.db than make sure you login as su and run portsdb -u

Finally, doing a simple: cp /usr/ports/INDEX-6.db /usr/ports/INDEX.db as root, will fix the problem and get Barry 0.7 up and running for you.


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