FreeBSD and Music Production

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FreeBSD was never designed to be an audio production OS, and the kernel is definitely not optimized for it. Those in the open source world have found Linux to be better suited for music production than FreeBSD simply because there's more music programs for it. In the ports collection of FreeBSD, about the best thing we have is Audacity. However, even with OSS I cannot elimate the latency when I record more than one track. This makes it useless for actual studio work. Unfortunately, I also cannot get two of the best programs for recording to compile on FreeBSD (Ardour and Rosegarden.) To that end, I am going to switch to Debian Linux for my day to day computing tasks and use FreeBSD to run my next webserver. FreeBSD is definitely my favorite OS in terms of stability, however Linux has many more programs available for it, including a variety of music production applications.

For those looking for good open source sequencers, I recommend you get the following:


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