Computer Monitoring: How to Record Everything Your Employees Do

These days it's hard to trust employees left alone on their workstations to actually stay focused on work. The reason why I say this is because I've actually watched a few co-workers install P2P applications, play online games, and even view pornography at work! That not only loses company time, but it also exposes them to potentially damaging lawsuits. Not to mention the fact that all three of the above examples are high risk areas for ad-ware and viruses.

To address these threats, a few companies have developed computer monitoring software. Spectorsoft's computer monitoring software is considered by many to be the leader in the industry. Their products span from home and small business based, to enterprise level solutions designed to monitor large corporate intranets. I've had experience with a couple other vendors, but some of them reduced the computers performance significantly, while others were easy to disable or circumvent. Spectorsoft's line of products suffer from neither of these inadequacies and are scalable depending on your specific need.

For the parent, or a concerned spouse, home based monitoring can help protect their children from predators, or catch an act of infidelity. With the rise of websites such as myspace.com, and it's capability of endangering children, using monitoring software will help protect them from such threats. This also includes the ability to see who they're chatting with, what websites they're visiting, and providing you with periodic snapshots that record their computer usage.

On the corporate level, this software becomes almost critical when it comes to accountability. Simply installing this on your intranet, and then informing your employees about it, is enough to keep most people focused on their work. Those that continue to do non-work related tasks on their computer will be caught, and can be punished accordingly. Who knows how much money each year is lost due to employees wasting time on the internet, surfing sites that are definitely not work-related.

In fact, the reason I write this is because those very same employees I watched downloading P2P programs, playing games online, and viewing pornography at work got fired shortly after our IT director installed computer monitoring software on their machines. So, if you're concerned about employee compliance, inappropriate web surfing, or want to protect your children from online predators, you should definitely consider getting computer monitoring software to address those concerns.


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