Hosting a Website for Nothing: Free Webhosting Without Ads

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I like to keep a list of free webhosting companies on my computer so that when inspiration hits me I am able to build the site and get it hosted without worrying about shelling out any cash. I figured I might as well post it here so I can access it anywhere and also share the addresses of some of the better free hosts that don't force you to display any advertising.

50Webs has free webhosting with 60 MB disk space with unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, and no ads. The only catch is that your filesize can't be greater than 300kb. This is my #1 choice simply because it is very straight forward and comes with FTP access. I was easily able to set up my site & domain http://www.jquindlen.com with no effort.

Afmu.com has free webhosting with 100 MB disk storage and 1 GB bandwidth each month. The perks of afmu.com is that they support PHP, CGI, and MySQL on their free accounts, meaning you set up a forum, or other content management systems there.

FriHost.com is one of those free hosting companies that requires you to be at least minimally active on their forums in order to acquire their free hosting. However their package is pretty nice, featuring 250 MB of disk space, 10 GB of traffic each month, PHP, Perl, and an unlimited amount of MySQL database and POP3 accounts, plus FTP access.

000Angels.com comes with 111 MB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. 499Angels.net comes with 100MB of space, and looks like it is run by the same company.

122MB.com has free webhosting with 1GB of bandwidth and 200MB of disk space. There is a 4MB filesize limit, and PHP, Perl, and MySQL support.

Gratis-Server.de gives you 1 GB of storage, with 5GB bandwidth each month. The only draw backs are a 1024 kilobyte maximum file size, and no support for your own domain name.

If the above servers don't meet your needs, I recommend checking out http://www.freewebspace.net/ which has an exhaustive database of free hosting companies, with and without forced advertising.


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