Installing Jack Audio Connection Kit on Debian Linux 3.1

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I had a bit of trouble getting Jack (sometimes called jackd) up and running on my computer, so I thought I'd post a quick tutorial that will walk you through the setup process on Debian Linux 3.1 running KDE.

1) Install qjackctl from the packages collection. apt-get or use your favorite package manager.
2) Run qjackctl and click on the setup button
3) Uncheck "realtime"
4) Click "save" and "OK"
5) Click "start"
6) Open up "Control Center" and click on the "Hardware" tab
7) Where it says "Select the audio device" click the drop down box & select "Jack Audio Connection Kit"
8) On the "General" tab click the "Test Sound" button to make sure your sound still works
9) Load up your favorite audio app (in my case Ardour) and have fun running Jack on Debian!


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